Year 2021 - poem

  Year 2021 As we enter the new year of twenty twenty one  this is a good time to praise God for all he has done He sent his only son Jesus into this world of turmoil and strife so that all who put their trust in him  could receive the gift of eternal life This is a time for pressing forward to all that lies ahead  with renewed dedication and faith in all God said It is a time to forget all our failures and sins of late knowing they are all forgiven and we now have a clean slate May this new year spark a vision and fire in our soul  with leading people to Jesus being our main goal knowing that Jesus came to seek and to save the lost that he paid for all our sins at such an awful cost May we remember where we'd be without God's mercy and grace and continue in His word and all his promises embrace  knowing that it is impossible for God the Father to lie so completely in his word we can always depend on and rely Above all, help us remember all the mocking, scorn, and pain which Je
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